Dorian Ferrari – Owner/Operator – Catz Design Farm.  While I had been working with and around 3D printing technology since the mid 90’s, when I started my own business, my 3D printers were for design validation and prototyping of client designs that I develop.

My primary focus is on product development, but as time move forward, and I added additional printers and started doing printing for small scale production for a couple clients. Serving the Colorado Springs and Front Range area I do general 3D printing and prototype work for small businesses and direct inventor clients.  With the launch of the dedicated 3D printing site, I am opening the shop to a broader array of customers.

I have been in 3D modeling and Product Development since 1990.  Working at companies such as Beckman Instruments, Mattel, and Boeing, I have a keen understanding of materials and processes.  Working with additive manufacturing technologies such as SLS, SLA, DLP, FDM, Polyjet, and the more recent HP MJF, I can guide customers to the best solution to their needs.  If I cannot provide the service, I will direct them to the best service providers in the business for their needs.